Baturin(1988)による〔『The Geochemistry of Manganese and Manganese Nodules in the Ocean』〕




Part I. Marine geochemistry of dispersed manganese

Chapter I. Manganese supply to the ocean

Mangabese in river discharge
Manganese in the atomosphere
Cosmogenic manganese
Volcanogenic and hydrothermal manganese
Chapter II. Manganese in sea water and suspension
Dissolved manganese
Suspended manganese
Chapter III. Manganese in sea organisms
Forms of manganese occurrence
Benthic Crustacea
Sea mammals
Sea birds
Chapter IV. Manganese deposition from oceanic waters
Chemical deposition
Biogenic deposition
Chapter V. Manganese in marine and oceanic sediments
Concentration and distribution of manganese in the upper sedimentary layer
Manganese content and distribution in subsurface sedimentd
Forms of manganese occurrence in sediments
Chapter VI. Manganese in pore water of marine and oceanic sediments
Inland basins
Peripheral zones of the ocean
Pelagic zones of the ocean
Metalliferous sediments
General review of the data presented

Part II. Geochemistry of manganese nodules

Chapter VII. Manganese nodules: distribution and structure

Distribution of nodules
Morphology of nodules
Internal structure of nodules
Mineralogy of nodules
Chapter VIII. Major ore elements of manganese nodules
Concentration and distribution of metals in nodules from various areas of the world ocean
Composition of manganese nodules and oceanic bottom environment
Compositional variability of individual nodules and relations between metals
Forms of metals in nodules and relations between in the composition of nodules and sediments
Chapter IX. Major lithic elements in nodules
Concentration of lithic elements in nodules
Distribution of lithic elements in nodules
Forms of lithic elements in nodules
Chapter X. Microelements in manganese nodules
Rare alkaline elements
Rare metals of the second group of periodic table
Rare metals of the third group of periodic table
Rare metals of the fourth group of periodic table
Rare metals of the fifth group of periodic table
Rare elements of the sixth group of periodic table
Radioactive metals
Noble metals and rhenium
Rare metalloids
Average contents and concentration coefficients of elements in nodules
Chapter XI. Age and Accretion rates of manganese nodules
Brief historical note and methods
Accretion rates of nodules
Reliability of nodule dating
Chapter XII. Problems of origin of manganese nodules
Source of ore matter and manganese balance in the ocean
Direct sources of material supply to nodules
Why do manganese nodules rest on the sediment surface?
Biogenic aspects in manganese nodule genesis
Genesis of sulphide minerals and native metals in manganese nodules

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