Zhang,M. and Wang,W.(2011): Analysis of China's energy utilization for 2007. Energy Policy, 39, 1612-1616.


 China is the world's second-largest energy producer and consumer, so that it is very necessary to analyze China's energy situation for saving energy consumption and reducing GHG emission. Energy flow chart is taken as a useful tool for sorting out and displaying energy statistics data. Energy statistics data is the premise and foundation for analyzing energy situation. However, there exit many differences between China and foreign energy balance. Based on the international criterion of energy balance and some advices by related experts, the author properly adjusts China's energy balance. And the purpose of this paper is to draft China's energy flow chart for 2007, which is used to study the characteristics of energy production and consumption in China. We find that: (1) coal is the main energy in China, which accounted for 73.2% of total energy supply in 2007; (2) thermal power accounted for 83.2%of the total electricity supply, and 78.43% thermal power was based on coal; (39 in 2007, the secondary industrial sector consumed about 69.93% of energy; (4) China's energy utilization efficiency was about 33.23% in 2007.

Keywords: China; Energy balance; Energy flow chart』

1. Introduction
2. Methodology and data management
 2.1. Difference between China and foreign energy balance
 2.2. Data management
 2.3. Formulas for calculating final energy consumption
3. China's energy flow chart for 2007
4. Conclusions

Fig. 1. China's energy flow chart for 2007

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