James,A.(2010): The curse of natural resources: An empirical investigation of U.S. Counties. 29p.


 Research consistently shows that natural resource dependence tends to be associated with lower economic growth. however, the studies typically focus on differences across nations or states. We fill a gap in the literature by testing the so-called resource curse at a more disaggregated county level. Our results show clear evidence that resource-dependent counties exhibit more anemic economic growth, even after controlling for state-specific effects, socio-demographic differences, initial income, and spatial correlation. A case study analysis of Maine and Wyoming, and the counties within, highlight the growth effects of specializing in natural resource extraction.

Keywords: natural resource curse; economic growth; convergence』

1. Introduction
2. Data and econometric model
3. Theories of the resource curse and justification for the covariates
4. Discussion of the econometric results
5. A brief case study: Maine and Wyoming
6. Conclusion
Data appendix