Damette,O. and Delacote,P.(2009): The environmental resource curse hypothesis: the forest case. LEF - AgroParisTech/INRA, 9p.


@The resource curse hypothesis relies on the resource-rich countries tendency to grow slower than resource-poor countries. Focusing on forest issues, this paper extends the resource curse hypothesis to environmental degradation: how do forest endowment and forest harvesting affect deforestation?
@Our empirical results show that countries with important forest cover and forestry sectors seem to deforest more than others, which supports the hypothesis of an environmental resource curse. Moreover, countries implied in important timber certification processes have lower deforestation levels.

Key words: resource curse; tropical forest; deforestationx

1. Introduction
2. Institutions, the resource curse and deforestation
@@Deforestation and the environmental resource curse hypothesis
3. Is there a resource curse for deforestation?
@3.1. Data and regressions
@3.2. Main results and conclusion