Ross,M.L.(2004): How do natural resources influence civil war? Evidence from thirteen cases. International Organization, 58, 35-67.

『天然資源は内戦にどのように影響するか? 13の事例からの証拠』

 Recent studies have found that natural resources and civil war are highly correlated. Yet the causal mechanisms behind the correlation are not well understood, in part because data on civil wars is scarce and of poor quality. In this article I examine thirteen recent civil wars to explore the mechanisms behind the resource-conflict correlation. I describe seven hypotheses about how resources may influence a conflict, specify the observable implications of each, and report which mechanisms can be observed in a sample of thirteen civil wars in which natural resources were “most likely” to have played a role. I find that two of the most widely cited causally linked to conflict, but legal agricultural commodities are not; and that resource wealth and civil war are linked by a variety of mechanisms, including several that others had not identified.』

hypotheses about resources and conflict
 Onset of civil war
Case selection
Results from case studies
 Incidence of conflict: Evidence
 Duration of conflict: Evidence
 Intensity of conflict: Evidence
Unexpected mechanisms