Khatib,H.(2012): IEA World Energy Outlook 2011 - A comment. Energy Policy, 48, 737-743.


 There are increasing numbers of annual and periodical energy studies that look into future energy demand and sustainability issues. Among these the World Energy Outlook stands out as the most important futuristic energy study and analysis. The 2011 Outlook is in four parts and gives a full update of energy demand and supply projections to 2035. It analyses the possible evolution of energy markets under three scenarios. The core scenarios rest on common assumptions about macroeconomic conditions and population growth, while their assumptions about government policy differ. This year's Outlook offers an in-depth analysis of prospects for energy supply and use in Russia. It also provides an expanded assessment of the prospects for coal. It reviewed the future of nuclear energy after Fukushima, as well as the strategic challenges of energy poverty. Last it dealt with the important aspect of energy subsidies. In spite of its extensiveness and in depth analysis some of the Outlook assumptions and conclusions need careful analysis and review.

Keywords: Energy future; Energy planning; Emissions』

1. Introduction
2. Scope of the World Energy Outlook 2011
3. Future energy scenarios and the reference scenario
4. Outcome of the WEO 2011 future energy scene in accordance with the New Policies Scenario
5. Drivers for future energy growth
6. The declining energy intensity
7. The world is electrifying
8. Nuclear after Fukushima
9. Energy investments
10. Subsidies
11. COP 17 and future of energy
13. Conclusions