Coccia,M.(2010): Energy metrics for driving competitiveness of countries: Energy weakness magnitude, GDP per barrel and barrels per capita. Energy Policy, 38, 1330-1339.


 Energy metrics is the development of a whole new theoretical framework for the conception and measurement of energy and economic system performances, energy efficiency and productivity improvements with important political economy implications consistent with the best use of all natural and economic resources. The purpose of this research is to present some vital energy indicators based on magnitude and scale of energy weakness, GDP per barrel of oil that is an indicator of energy productivity and barrels (of oil) per capita that is an indicator of energy efficiency. Energy metrics can support the monitoring of energy and economic system performances in order to design effective energy strategy and political economy interventions focused on the “competitive advantage” increase of countries in modern economies.

Keywords: Energy metrics; Energy productivity; Energy efficiency』

1. Introduction
2. Theoretical framework
3. Data, sources and new energy indicators
 3.1. Energy metrics
  3.1.1. Magnitude of energy weakness of countries (ω)
  3.1.2. GDP per barrel
  3.1.3. Barrels per capita
4. Results
5. Discussion and concluding remarks
Appendix A