Stirling,A.(2010): Multicriteria diversity analysis A novel heuristic framework for appraising energy portfolio. Energy Policy, 38, 1622-1634.

『多基準多様性分析 エネルギー・ポートフォリオを評価するための新しい発見的枠組み』

 This paper outlines a novel general framework for analysing energy diversity. A critical review of different reasons for policy interest reveals that diversity is more than a supply security strategy. There are particular synergies with strategies for transitions to sustainability. Yet - despite much important work - policy analysis tends to address only a subset of the properties of diversity and remains subject to ambiguity, neglect and special pleading. Developing earlier work, the paper proposes a more comprehensive heuristic framework, accommodating a wide range of different disciplinary and socio-political perspectives. It is argued that the associated multicriteria diversity analysis method provides a more systematic, complete and transparent way to articulate disparate perspectives and approaches and so help to inform more robust and accountable policymaking.

Keywords: Diversity; Security; Sustainability』

1. Contexts for analysing energy diversity
2. General properties of energy diversity: variety, balance and disparity
3. Aggregating, accommodating and articulating different aspects of energy diversity
4. A novel diversity heuristic for strategic appraisal of energy portfolios
5. Articulating energy diversity with other aspects of strategic performance
6. Conclusion