Toth,F.L. and Rogner,H.-H.(2006): Oil and nuclear power: Past, present, and future. Energy Economics, 28, 1-25.


 The relationship between oil and nuclear energy in the global energy scene over the past 50 years is analysed. The former nuclear-oil product competition in power generation and various end-use markets is found to have transformed into a complementary relationship. current concerns associated with both energy sources and related technologies, including price volatility, supply security, geopolitical sensitivity, depletion alarms, and environmental pollution issues for oil, economic performance, operational safety, proliferation, terrorism, radioactive waste disposal, and the resulting public acceptance for nuclear are examined as determinants of their roles in the world energy balance. An assessment of the long-term prospects for oil and nuclear energy is presented at the scale of a century to support further economic and energy policy analyses. It is the first in-depth study of global energy projections based on a comparative examination of long-term socio-economic scenarios and their coordinated quantifications by a set of integrated energy-economy models.

Keywords: Oil; Nuclear energy; Long-term scenarios』

1. Introduction
2. The past: from competitors to complements
 2.1. Electricity generation
 2.2. Indirect competition
3. The present: market positions and public concerns
4. The future: opportunities and uncertainties
5. Summary and conclusions