Kessides,I.N.(2010): Nuclear power: Understanding the economic risks and uncertainties. Energy Policy, 38, 3849-3864.


 This paper identifies the fundamental elements and critical research tasks of a comprehensive analysis of the costs and benefits of nuclear power relative to investments in alternative baseload technologies. The proposed framework seeks to: )i) identify the set of expected parameter values under which nuclear power becomes cost competitive relative to alternative generating technologies; (ii) identify the main risk drivers and quantify their impacts on the costs of nuclear power; (iii) estimate the nuclear power option value; (iv) assess the nexus between electricity market structure and the commercial attractiveness of nuclear power; (v) evaluate the economics of smaller sized nuclear reactors; (vi) identify options for strengthening the institutional underpinnings of the international safeguards regime; and (vii) evaluate the proliferation resistance of new generation reactors and fuel cycles.

Keywords: nuclear power; Nuclear power economics; Future of nuclear power』

1. Introduction
2. Nuclear power generation: cost-benefit analysis under uncertainty
 2.1. Componens of nuclear power costs and levelized costs of alternative baseload generation technologies
 2.2. Assessment of externsalities
 2.3. Comparative assessment of nuclear power and alternative electricity generation investments under uncertainty
 2.4. The diversification value of nuclear power - the social benefits of “keeping the nuclear option open”
 2.5. Economies of scale and the economics of smaller sized nuclear reactors
3. The search for proliferation-resistant nuclear power: technical and institutional options
 3.1. Extrinsic barriers to proliferation
 3.2. International energy parks - a hub-and-spoke nuclear architecture
 3.3. Proliferation resistance of new generation reactors and fuel cycles
4. Summary - need for an integrated framework
 4.1. Microeconomics of nuclear systems: Rothwell's methodology
 4.2. Assessing the externalities of nuclear power
 4.3. Incorporating risk and uncertainty
 4.4. Option value of nuclear power
 4.5. Smaller sized reactors
 4.6. Comparative assessment of alternative electricity supply options
 4.7. Sources of data
Box 1
-Pathways: from nuclear power to nuclear weapons
Box 2- Proliferation resistance: neither side of the nuclear debate much intterested