--,V.N.(2010): Sedimentary basins: Regularities in their formation and classification principles. Communication 2. Sedimentary rock basins. Lithology and Mineral Resources, 45(3), 238-274.


 The article is dedicated to sedimentary rock basins. It is postulated that sedimentary rock basins represent an element of the Earth's sedimentary shell characterized by the general thermobaric regime, type of fluidodynamics, and combination of epigenetic mineral resources. Fluidodynamic regimes of three types are recognized in the upper part of the crust: infiltration, elision, and exfiltration. The dominant type of fluidodynamics is reflected in the most widespread mineralogical-geochemical zonality and association of epigenetic mineral deposits. These properties allow us to define the infiltration and elision types of rock basin in the sedimentary shell. The structural features of different-type rock basins are characterized with the emphasis on their relations with geotectonics.』

Problems related to sedimentary rock basins
Types of fluid migration in the crust and zonality of host sediments
Types of sedimentary rock basins and associated mineral resources
Infiltrational rock basins
Elisional rock basins
Role of geotectonics in the formation of rock basins, postsedimentary alterations of sedimentary rocks, and localization of associated mineral resources