Kholodov,V.N.(2010): Sedimentary basins, regularities of their formation and classification principles: Communication 1. Sedimentation basins. Lithology and Mineral Resources, 45(1), 1-23.


 Two types of sedimentary basins are proposed: sedimentation basins and rock formation basins (rock basins). Such an approach reflects a complete cycle of the sedimentary process ranging from the stage of material mobilization and transport to the stage of accumulation of sediments, their transformation into sedimentary rocks, and formation of associated mineral deposits. Sedimentation basins are divided into lakes, intracontinental and marginal seas, and oceans, where phase differentiation of matter proceeds in different manners. It is shown that eupelagic and miopelagic clays, analogues of which are missing from Paleozoic sequences, represent the main indicator of recent sedimentation in the Word Ocean. It is stated that each sedimentation basin is characterized by a specific association of sedimentary mineral deposits.』

Sedimentation basins
Phase differentiation lakes, seas, and oceans
Lithofacies characteristic of oceanic pelagic sediments and their possible analogues among Paleozoic sequences on continents
Issue of relation between sedimentation basins and tectonics