Bazhenova,O.K. and Bazhenova,T.K.(2008): Genesis of oil: A fundamental problem of geology (the current state of the problem). Lithology and Mineral Resources, 43(5), 488-498.


 The current state of the problem of oil genesis is discussed. The biogenic (sedimentary-migration theory) of oil genesis is shown to be valid based on the analysis of present-day data on the composition and properties of oil, the composition and distribution of organic matter (OM) in sedimentary rocks, and numerous calculations of the balance of oil-and-gas generation at different stages of catagenetic evolution. The confinement of oil and gas fields to sedimentary basins, as well as the relation of oil and /or gas reserves to volumes of oil-and-gas source rocks, which occur (or occurred) in the generation center, and/or to extremely high potential of oil source formation also indicate of the relationship between oil-and-gas fields and the “life” of former geological epochs.』

Case history
Oil source formation - The birthplace of microoil
Oil composition: The key to understanding its generation
Balance of organic matter transformation in catagenesis and oil generation
Sedimentary basins: Homeland of oil