Nur,A.(2006): Oil future and war now: A grim earth-sciences point of view. Sanford University, 28p.


 Worldwide, per-capita oil consumption is closely correlated with the standard of living. In developing nations like China and India, increasing prosperity will require increased per-capita oil consumption, since there are no immediately viable substitutes for petroleum as a dominant energy source. The natural distribution of oil reserves is extremely heterogeneous, as is the current rate of consumption, with consumption and production bearing little geographic relationship to one another. Since oil is a finite natural resource, global production is about to begin an irreversible decline. The growing demand for oil will most likely lead to growing global conflicts, of which the Gulf War, the 9/11 attack, and the current war in Iraq are just the first three skirmishes. These conflicts pale in comparison to the potential conflict over oil with China.』

The US oil consumption saga
Major competitors for oil among developing economies