Energy Watch Group(2007): Coal: Resources and future production. EWG-Paper No. 1/07, 47p.

About the Energy Watch Group
Executive summary
 Data are of poor quality
 Only reserve data are of practical relevance, not resource data
 Six contries dominate coal globally
 Fastest reserve depletion in China, USA beyond peak production
 Global coal production to peak around 2025 at 30 percent above present production in the best case
 Conclusion and recommendation

『Global coal reserve data are of poor quality, but seem to be biased towards the high side. Production profile projections suggest the global peak of coal production to occur around 2025 at 30 percent above current production in the best case.
There should be a wide discussion on this subject leading to better data in order to provide a reliable and transparent basis for long term decisions regarding the future structure of our energy system. Also the repercussions for the climate models on global warming are an important issue.』

Coal reserves and supply
 Reserves and resources
Annex 1: History of reporting and reassessing of coal reserves
Annex 2: China
Annex 3: USA
Annex 4: Canada
Annex 5: Germany

Figure 5: World coal production in the equivalent of a million tons of oil as calculated in this study based on proved recoverable reserves.〔図5 確認(確定)可採埋蔵量に基づいた本研究において計算された石油換算百万トン単位での世界の石炭生産量〕

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Figure A-3: Coal Production in China−scenario based on present reserve estimates(図A−3 中国の石炭生産−現在の埋蔵量見積りを基にしたシナリオ)

〔Energy Watch Group(2007)によるCoal: Resources and future productionから〕