Izquierdo,S., Dopazo,C. and Fueyo,N.(2010): Supply-cost curves for geographically distributed renewable-energy resources. Energy Policy, 38, 667-672.


 The supply-cost curves of renewable-energy sources are an essential tool to synthesize and analyze large-scale energy-policy scenarios, both in the short and long terms. Here, we suggest and test a parametarization of such curves that allows their representation for modeling purposes with a minimal set of information. In essence, an economic potential is defined based on the mode of the marginal supply-cost curves; and, using this definition, a normalized log-normal distribution function is used to model these curves. The feasibility of this proposal is assessed with data from a GIS-based analysis of solar, wind and biomass technologies in Spain. The best agreement is achieved for solar energy.

Keywords: Renewable energy; Cost-supply curve; Geographic information system』

1. Introduction
2. Economic potential: definition
3. Models for supply curves
 3.1. Supply-cost model
 3.2. Land- and power-supply model
4. Fitting and discussion
5. Conclusions