Sorda,G., Banse,M. and Kemfert,C.(2010): An overview of biofuel policies across the world. Energy Policy, 38, 6977-6988.


 In the last decade biofuel production has been driven by governmental policies. This article reviews the national strategy plans of the world's leading producers. Particular attention is dedicated to blending targets, support schemes and feedstock use. Individual country profiles are grouped by continent and include North America (Canada and the US), South America (Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia), Europe (the European Union, France, and Germany), Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) and Australia.

Keywords: Biofuels; Policy; Renewable energy』

1. Introduction
2. North America
 2.1. Canada
 2.2. The United States
3. South America
 3.1. Argentina
 3.2. Brazil
 3.3. Colombia
4. Europe
 4.1. The European Union
 4.2. France
 4.3. Germany
5. Asia
 5.1. China
 5.2. India
 5.3. Indonesia
 5.4. Malaysia
 5.5. Thailand
6. Australia
7. Conclusion